Money, holidays and nerves – How to plan Christmas

The most important rule? Let’s not get caught up in the madness of Christmas shopping. Easy to say, harder to do. Gifts for loved ones will not suddenly land in beautiful packages under the Christmas tree. Unfortunately, some issues related to Christmas preparations will not be avoided. However, we present tips on how to optimally welcome the holidays.

Sometimes we are too easily fooled by various supposed promotions. The most traps set for consumers can be found in shopping malls. Frequent practices are raising prices due to special time, i.e. holidays, or creating promotions for additional items that we do not really need. Whether we like it or not, advanced marketing techniques work for us. However, marketers often don’t have to make any effort. We give the money ourselves with a light hand.

Shopping craze

Let’s try not to fall into hurray optimism and, therefore, shopping madness. On days that precede a special time, we tend to make less thoughtful purchases.

We often justify poorly thought-out consumer decisions at a special moment. Holidays are wonderful, but they do not entitle us to enlarge the hole in the household budget. A way to avoid getting caught up in the vortex of Christmas shopping, for example, can be online orders.

Internet shopping

Internet shopping

Someone may say that we also spend money over the Internet and that’s quite a lot. I agree, but buying gifts in online stores, for example, is more orderly. We know more or less what gift we want to buy for a given person and we are looking for the best offer. It is very easy to compare e.g. watch models, get to know the operation of smartwach, or learn all the functions of the latest smartphone. Perhaps it is under the influence of the opinions of other users we will give up a missed purchase.

We can also easily use the product comparison websites available for free, where we will get to know the opinions of other users about the viewed item. For sure, however, we will not succumb to shopping madness just because we will see another promotion on the store’s website.

Let’s use coupons

What’s more, online shopping is often combined with various discount coupons. It is worth checking the offer of a given online store, has there been e.g. free delivery on the occasion of Christmas? Many discount coupons can be found on specially prepared portals that focus promotional offers of most large stores available on the market. Who would not want to take advantage of rebates to Media Markt, Empik, Reserved, Mohito, Cropp, House, H&M, or other networks? The more we should consider discount coupons if we are planning a lot of shopping for Christmas presents.

Not at the last minute

Let’s not leave Christmas shopping at the last minute. Acting in a hurry, we usually overpay. If we are looking for Christmas tree lights on Christmas Eve, when we still have a lot to do, we will probably buy the first set better, regardless of the price. By behaving in this way, we launch a real pyramid of irresponsibility and wastefulness. Hurry is not a good adviser. We will want to tick off another task to fulfill all the obligations that fall upon us during the preparations for the holidays. In this situation, money does not play a role.