The owners behind the loan brokers

Just as in the fast-loan industry, there are many loan intermediaries who market themselves under several different brands. In the case of sms loans, for example, S&A Sverige AB owns four different brands, where perhaps mobile loans are the most well-known, and when it comes to loan brokers, for example, Good Finance also owns the loan brokers (or rather the brands) Loanmarket and Leta Loans.

These companies own the loan brokers

These companies own the loan brokers

If you are considering applying for a loan from more than one loan broker, perhaps because you want to compare the offers you receive, it may be good to know which owners the different loan brokers have. After all, it is stupid to make an application with Good Finance and one at Loanmarket because it is the same owner behind the two different brands. In practice, this means that both your applications will end up with the same banks and you will receive the same offers.

Now, as we have done with sms lenders , we will show you which companies own the different brands (the loan brokers).

Good Finance

  • Good Finance
  • Find a loan
  • Loanmarket

Comment: Applications from the above three brands are in all likelihood handled by the same administrator. Good Finance and Loanmarket even have the same phone number, while Leta Loan’s phone number ends at 20 instead of 10. This means that it does not play a major role in which of these loan brokers you make your application, yet it ends up with the same banks that give you the same dealers .

Why so many brands?


Yes, you might wonder why the loan brokers don’t just stick to a single brand instead of creating multiple and / or collaborating with other companies that market them under another brand. The answer is actually quite simple: the brokers simply want to appear and the more brands, the greater the chance of succeeding.

Of course, this can feel a little misleading at times, as it is not always clear which intermediary is the “real” intermediary, although it is often stated somewhere on their websites. It is this ambiguity that we wanted to overcome and that is why we inform about it on Good Lender.

Why is it good to know the owner?

There are several reasons why it may be good to know who owns a particular loan broker:

  1. It is rarely worth turning to several intermediaries who have the same owner if you want to find the very cheapest loan, because they use the same banks. The chance that you would get a cheaper loan from a sister broker is not very high.
  2. If you have been denied your application with a particular loan broker, the chances are also not very great that a sister broker will approve you. Of course, you should not apply for a loan if you do not have sufficient finances, but the fact remains: some loan intermediaries’ partners (banks and credit companies) are tougher than others.